Friday, August 13, 2010


 So now that I know what my condition is called I have researched it some online. I have found that sacro-illiac joint dysfunction is quite common but often misdiagnosed. I also read that some times a manual physical therapist can reposition the joint and then the patient can then start a stretching routine to bring back the mobility of the joint.Although this is exciting it is also difficult for me to get more treatment for this problem. I lost my job recently and have tons of medical bills piling up on me from treatments that were worthless. There are also some other products I really want to try if I can get them money for them. There is something called a sacro-illiac belt that is supposed to hold the joint in place and improve the alignment of the joint. Hopefully I will be able to try some of these solutions soon!! The acupuncture treatments helped me a lot but I was bummed to find out that it is only temporary pain relief but hey I will take it for now!

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